Why join the FDI Attraction Academy

We decided to create the FDI Attraction Academy because he found that plenty of economic developers were using the same information and media, without communicating a regional value proposition with business opportunities for potential investors.

All the marketing materials from more than 100 regions that were studied would say "Strategic Location", "Skilled Labor", "World Class Infrastructure". Are you familiar with those competitive advantages?

Additionally, we found that they spend their budgets in business development and marketing activities with very little effective results on potential investment opportunities for their region.

That was a breaking point.

We felt compelled to do something that truly helped economic developers to plan, design and implement cost effective campaigns to find, attract and land foreign investors in their regions in a cost-effective way!

Why should you go through our program?

We have been helping companies from diverse industries (energy, automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical devices, machining, metal stamping, plastic injection molding, etc) to expand business operations to other countries since 2008. That's why we understand what foreign investors are looking for.

We know what it takes for a company to find, attract and engage with potential clients, especially when it comes to conquering clients in new territories.

We used to do the same marketing and business development strategies: Trade Shows and Publications

In 2009 and 2010, the economic downturn made us re-think the way we were marketing our services at an international level. We used to attend different trade shows and advertise in key industrial publications. However, we needed to become more competitive at getting our message across to our potential clients.

We decided to explore and change our strategies and methods to attract potential clients:

We spent more than US$50,000 in professional training and more than US$1 million in different marketing and lead generation strategies, tactics and tools in trial and error. It took us a long and expensive learning curve, especially since we were not very familiar with the use of social media networks, webinars, eBooks and plenty of other online tools to find, attract and engage with potential clients.

Fortunately, we tracked every dollar we spent in marketing through the different stages of lead prospecting, lead generation, lead scoring and lead conversion into clients.

Our new, improved results:

  • Our first webinar, we got 64 targeted business decision makers. Way better than a trade show or publication.
  • Today, our average ebook brings at least 180 qualified registrants.

Today, we know how to integrate very cost-effective marketing and lead generation campaigns with different industries, such as the aerospace, automotive, autoparts, electronics, medical devices, oil and gas and renewable energy.

We feel compelled to help other companies to do the same: redirect their marketing budget to the strategies, tactics and tools that bring qualified prospects on the sales pipeline.

When you join our FDI Attraction Academy, you will learn:

1) How to determine the specific profile of your IDEAL POTENTIAL INVESTOR through our FDI Attraction Matrix

2) The 8 Strategic elements your FDI Attraction Campaign should include in order to succeed

3) The 7 Stages of the Foreign Investment Attraction Cycle, and what to do at each stage to design your FDI Attraction Campaign Map

4) How to integrate your FDI contact database and networking map

5) How to integrate your Regional Value Proposition that engages and makes it easy for potential foreign investors to start doing business in your community.

6) How to transform your Regional Value Proposition into a Global Marketing Campaign, including investment seminars, step-by-step guides and a global website

7) How to launch your FDI Attraction campaign supported by Business Associations, Trade & Development Organizations and International Business Networks.

You will be able to learn about success stories, strategies, tactics and tools that other communities have used to target, attract, engage and land investors in their regions.

Enroll today!

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