Welcome to our Global FDI Attraction Academy

Welcome to our FDI Attraction Online Course.

In this 7 Module Course you will learn strategies, tactics and tools to find, attract and land foreign investors in your region.

  • First, we will show you how to identify your IDEAL POTENTIAL INVESTOR through our FDI Attraction Matrix.
  • Then we will show you the 8 Strategic Elements to plan your FDI Attraction Campaign.
  • Then, we will go step by step on how to integrate Investment Guides and Seminars to them promote them at an international level so that you get potential investors to sign up for your commercial missions and Incubator Programs.
  • We will also share with you success stories about regions that have done a great job while attracting foreign companies, as well as best practices and things you should avoid on your international campaign.

Please let us know about what you do BELOW, where you are from and why you want attract foreign investment to your region.

What are you looking to accomplish?

What are your main concerns at the stages of planning, design or implementing your FDI Attraction campaign?

Please share your comments below!

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